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Why Pawnfi is different?

Pawnfi builds the first Pawn (collateralized loan), Lease and Resale marketplace for non-standard assets. Besides, assets holders can initiate Pawn, Lease, and Resale purposefully or simultaneously within one smart contract, so as to obtain diversified cash flow and maximize capital efficiency. Different from other trading protocols or lending protocols, Pawnfi has achieved the divestiture of asset ownership, use rights, and earning rights within the product. It means that based on Pawnfi asset holders can simultaneously acquire cash flow such as loan fund (via Pawn), rental income (via Lease), mining rewards (via Sync Mining) without losing the asset ownership.

What can you do on Pawnfi?

You can obtain dynamic market overview through Pawnfi.
In addition, if you are holding assets/ funds, we have many trading methods for you to choose from:
✔ Initiate a pawn (collateralized loan), lease or sale for your asset;
✔ Contribute to a loan or borrow/purchase assets;
✔ Participate in project fund-raising (IPO);
✔ Wrap several assets to become one NFT token;
✔ Unwrap your wrapped assets (Pawnfi NFT token);
✔ Participate in mining events and earn rewards.

What L1/L2 is Pawnfi building on?

Pawnfi can be launched on all EMV compatible blockchains. As a multi-chain platform, we would go where users and non-standard assets gather.
Though Pawnfi prioritizes EVM version, Substrate (Polkadot) and Cadence (Flow) version development are also in progress, and the whole project team will keep moving in an agile manner to service any prosperous ecosystem.

Where to check the transaction details?

For specific transaction information, you can click the wallet icon (for example, Metamask) in the upper right corner of the page. For each transaction record, whether it is successful or not, it will be listed in "Activity" tab. The details of each contract interaction can be viewed by clicking it again.

After selecting in the filter bar, the page displays No Data / 0 results?

The reason is that no results meet the filter conditions. As the filter process is designed to meet all the selected conditions, we suggest you to click the "clear all" button and reselect, or try to reduce the conditions to get more filtered results.

How are NSAs priced?

The fair value range of Non-Standard Assets can be generated by Pawnfi's endogenous mechanism embedded in Pawn and Lease/ Sale module. For Pawn, due to the nature of collateralized loan, while asset holder can customize parameters including Desired Loan Amount, Loan Term, Interest Rate, Borrowing and Repayment method, all of which will be jointly evaluated by lenders to recognize how valuable an asset as a collateral is, which normally forms the floor value of the asset. As for Lease or Sale, the required deposit amount and selling price straightforwardly form the ceiling value of the asset. In combination, Pawnfi is able to derive a referable fair value range of NSAs based on the behavior of all the market participants.
Pawnfi's Appraisal Module is an independent sector that applies to relatively rare NFT types or long-tail assets. It needs to be emphasized that the price from Pawnfi Appraisal Module indicates the value of willingness to lend, that is the loan amount the appraiser is willing to provide based on the collateralized asset, instead of the pure selling price.

How does Pawnfi perform liquidation for Pawn contract (collateralized loan)?

You can refer to Liquidation for more details.

More to ask?

Drop us an email/ message anytime and we will com back to you!
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