Pawnfi Solutions for NSA
The acceptance of non-standard assets in our daily crypto life still faces two pain points: fair price and liquidity. Some NSAs are very scarce or even unique. That's why Pawnfi is committed towards obtaining market fair price and sufficient liquidity support for NSA.
For fair pricing, Pawnfi's solution is to introduce an "oracle + Pawnfi pricing mechanism". The oracle price feed can be applied to NSAs with certain market sizes or good liquidity, such as LP Tokens, minor cryptocurrencies, and some NFT assets (ex. Gaming loots in Axie). An independent Appraisal Module in Pawnfi is introducing appraisers to value a specific asset in a window period. After appraisers' valuation, the final statistical price range can be used as a reference for the asset as collateral. This mechanism is suitable for assets with no historical prices to refer to or unique assets, such as rare NFTs.
For liquidity, Pawnfi's solution is to build a market that users can easily find the use case for their assets. Because different NSAs vary in target groups, market size, risk levels and even utilities, it is hard to clearly specify how the asset holders should treat them. For this reason, Pawnfi provide flexibility for users to easily combine different modules:
  • Pawn (Collateralized Loan)
  • Lease
  • Sale
  • Auction
  • Appraisal
  • Wrap(Bundled Collateral)
  • More to come ...
Pawnfi believes with the maximized utility and broadened use case, the liquidity of non-standard assets can be unleashed and become unlimited.
Last modified 2mo ago
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