Technical Progress


  • Test Pawnfi MVP 1.0 on ETH Ropsten testnet and BSC testnet
  • Launch Pawnfi MVP 1.0
    • Support Pawn (collateralized loan) Module for NFT assets, LP tokens and Main Stream coins


  • Launch Pawnfi MVP 2.0
    • Add Lease and Sale modules
    • Support Pawn|Lease|Sale for more NSAs, ex. Insurance, Derivatives and Altcoins
  • Initiate the development of Pawnfi Arbitrum (Ethereum) version
  • Explore other layer 2 solutions
  • Research into Polkadot Substrate


  • Deploy Pawnfi Alpha version on Ethereum, BSC, Moonbeam, Arbitrum and Polygon testnet
    • Integrate the multi-chain versions into the same front-end interface
    • Add on auction module and liquidity mining
    • Improve Crowd-Lending function
  • Start Pawnfi Fast Loan development


  • User Acceptance Testing for Pawnfi Beta version
    • Add on Bundled Collateral
    • UX Optimization
  • Pool-Lending/ Fast Loan development & System Integration Testing (SIT)
  • Appraisal Module development & System Integration Testing (SIT)


  • Launch Pawnfi Beta version
  • Pool-Lending/ Fast Loan User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Appraisal Module User Acceptance Testing (UAT)


  • Initiate Pool-Lending and Fast Loan
  • Initiate Appraisal Module
  • Introduce more leasing options
  • Pawnfi Substrate and Cadence version SIT & UAT


  • Launch Pawnfi Substrate version
  • Launch Pawnfi Cadence version
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